List of Research Projects

[1]       National Nature Science Foundation of China Project. “Energy Efficient Task Scheduling Model and Algorithm: Adapting GPU Clusters to Power Budget, 2013.1-2016.12, Grant No. 61272087, 840,000 RMB. PI

[2]       Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project “Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for New Generation Supercomputer ”2012.1-2014.12, Grant No. 4122039, 110,000 RMB. PI

[3]       National Nature Science Foundation of China Project. “Design and Optimization of Parallel Sorting Algorithm based on GPU”, 2011.1-2013.12, Grant No. 61073008, 360,000 RMB. PI

[4]       Collaboration Project. “Simulation Resources Management and Billing System”. 2010.6-2010.12. 370,000RMB.PI

[5]       Ministry of Education of China Project. “Streaming Media Cluster System for National Excellent Courses Integration Project”, 2007.6-2010.6. Grant No. JPKC-5, 2,100,000 RMB. PI

[6]       Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project “Research on Supercomputer Hierarchical Task Scheduling Algorithm”2008.1-2010.12, Grant No.4082016, 110,000 RMB. PI

[7]       National Nature Science Foundation of China Project. “Nodes Clustering based Hierarchical Message Scheduling Model and Algorithm”, 2008.1-2008.12, Grant No. 60773148, 80,000 RMB. PI

[8]       National Nature Science Foundation of China Project. “HXMT Science Ground Segment Prototype”, 2007.1-2009.12, 2500,000 RMB. Grant No. 10778604. 2,200,000RMB. Member

[9]       Collaboration Project. “Development of Information Grid Management Mechanism and Scheduling Algorithm with QoS Support”. 2007.4-2007.12. 90,000RMB.PI

[10]   National Nature Science Foundation of China Project. “Contractor based Mechanism and Model to Support Grid Service QoS”, 2006.1-2008.12, Grant No. 60503039. 240,000 RMB.PI

[11]   National Fundamental Research 973 Program ‘Fundamental Research on Improving the Reliability of Large Electric Power Grid’ , Subproject ‘Research on the Distributed Computing Theory and Method of Large Electric Power Grid’ (Grant No. 2004CB2179032004.9-2009.9), 1,570,000RMB. Member

[12]   European Commission (EC) Asia-Link Programme . “EA-Grid: Euro-Asia United Establishment of Double Degree Master Programme in Grid Computing”, 2005.12 -2006.12, 400,000euros. Member

[13]   National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China, “Research and Development of a Simulation Application Grid”. Grant No 2004AA104330,1,300,000RMB. Vice PI

[14]   Beijing Natural Sciences Foundation, “Research on Building Giganet/SAN Hardware and Software System”, Grant No.4042018. 120,000RMB. PI

[15]   Collaboration Project with HeBei University .”HDJK-32 High Performance Cluster System”. 2003.10-2004.7 1,000,000RMB. PI

[16]   IBM foundation . “EzGrid: Research

 on Automatic Computing Grid Key Technology”,  2002.9-2003.12, 230,000RMB Co-PI

[17]   National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China, Subproject “64bit High Performance Cluster Communication System” 2003.52003.12, 200,000RMB. PI

[18]   Domestic collaboration project. “High Performance Computing based Parallel Algorithm Design and Application” . 2003.10-2004.1235,000RMB. PI

[19]   Tsinghua University Information School Foundation. “Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm Research”. 1999.10-2002.9150,000RMB. Co-PI

[20]   Tsinghua University Basic Research Foundation “Grid Computing Model Research Based on Mini Grid System “.  2001.11-2003.10, 80,000RMB. PI

[21]   Tsinghua Key Researcher Supporting Program. “Research on Cluster Computing Technology”. 2000.7-2002.1230,000RMB. PI

[22]   Domestic Collaboration project “Development of MPI (Message Passing Interface) Course Material”. 2001.72002.6,100000MB. PI

[23]   HuaWei Sci&Tech. Foundation. “SAN High Speed Interconnection Communication”.  2002.2-2002.10,80,000RMB. PI

[24]   Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation. “Compilation Technology based on Supernodes “. 1999.1-2000.8, 10,000RMB. PI

[25]   Collaboration project. “DeepSuper-21C Supercomputer System”. 2002-2004, 8,000,000RMB. Member

[26]   Tsinghua University 985 project. “Scalable High Performance Cluster System”. 2000.1-2002.128,000,000RMB. Member

[27]   Domestic Collaboration project. “Design of a Simulation Grid System”. 2002.8-2003.12100,000RMB, Member

[28]   Tsinghua University Basic Research Foundation. “Quantitative Prediction and Analysis on Material based on Interdisciplinary High Performance Computing Platform”. 2000.11-2002.10, 300,000. Member

[29]   Ministry of Education Key Project “Pilot Project of Advanced Computational Infrastructure Between Beijing and Shanghai”. 2000.8-2001.6. 1,500,000RMB, Member

[30]   Shanghai Technology Committee project.  “ZiQian 2000 High Performance Supercomputer SUHPCS”. 1999.8-2000.93,000,000RMB. Member

[31]   Climbing B Project “Networked Parallel Supercomputer System THNPSC-1”. 1998.9-1999.4. 1,200,000. Member

[32]   Shanghai Science and Technology Committee project “ZiQiang 2000 extension”. 2000.12-2001.3. 600,000. Member

[33]   Shanghai Science and Technology Committee project. “Research and Implementation of Security Service and Management System of High Performance Platform on Network Environment”. 1999.8-2001.4. 400,000MB. Member

[34]   National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China. “HPF Compilation System”. 1996.8-1998.6240,000RMB. Member

[35]   National Climbing Program B project. “Research on Parallel Compilation Technology and Its Infrastructure” 1995.8-1998.6, 240000RMB. Member

[36]   Collaboration project.  “Long Distance Telephone Management Geographic Information System of Shanxi Province”. 1993-1995. 50,000RMB. Member

[37]   Collaboration project. “Local Telephone Management System of Taiyuan City”. 1992-1994. 30,000RMB. Member